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New DNS Vulnerability To Watch Out For

<div>Be aware there is a DNS vulnerability out that can really compromise your personal information.<p />The official release can be found here:<br /><a href="http://securosis.com/2008/07/08/dan-kaminsky-discovers-fundamental-issue-in-dns-massive-multivendor-patch-released/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">http://securosis.com/2008/07/08/dan-kaminsky-discovers-fundamental-issue-in-dns-massive-multivendor-patch-released/</a><p />For something that is a bit more user friendly to understand  explains it:<br /><blockquote>

just like Web sites being cached by your browser, DNS (Domains
resolving to specific IP addresses) is also cached. From this
vunerability, these “Caching Name Servers” can be easily hacked and
from there, you could have people on, say an entire ISP, going to
whatever site you wanted to. Think phishing, but on a MUCH larger
Tim Hoeck

Or get a great explanation of how DNS works (and can be evil and good) here:

A tool to check your DNS from Dan who found the vulnerability is hosted at:

And if you use OpenDNS (like I started to a month ago, thanks J. Phil at skribkin) you should not have been affected:

Thanks to tsudohnimh who started the word on Friend Feed!