WWDC 2024

OS Announcements Intro AppleTV+ VisionOS iOS Audio & Home iPadOS MacOS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Announcements *Coming later this year. Official Press Releases visionOS 2 brings new spatial computing experiences to Apple Vision Pro Apple Vision Pro arrives in new countries and regions beginning June 28 AirPods introduce convenient ways to communicate and interact Updates to the Home experience elevate entertainment and bring more convenience watchOS 11 brings powerful health and fitness insights iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent than ever iPadOS 18 introduces powerful intelligence features and apps for Apple Pencil macOS Sequoia takes productivity...

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Thoughts on Mastodon: First impressions

So far, this first week on Mastodon has been a lot of fun. The last time I dipped my toe in the Fediverse (the broad term for all federated social media — including Mastodon), it felt…empty. There wasn’t anyone on the service to chat with, or so it felt. Now, with everyone fleeing Twitter, I’m finding many of the folks I would follow have at least opened an account. But I’m also realizing how important connecting on the right instance is as the conversations on the Fosstodon.org server have been fun to follow! Also, my recent revelation that Mastodon allows...

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Mastodon verification

I’m checking out Mastodon and you should give me a follow over there. I’m still on Twitter for the moment and cross-post between the two sites. If you are curious, they are really similar but there are some important differences as well. The biggest being one is not owned by anyone person, the other is owned by a single person that may or may not have our best interests in mind. My Mastodon profile

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‘Wordle’ acquired by New York Times for over $1M, could pave the way for an iOS app

I have a feeling this will move behind a paywall sooner rather than later. If so, it was a fun ride. My wife and oldest had even started playing! Hope I’m wrong. After quickly becoming a viral hit, the popular Wordle word game has now been acquired by The New York Times. The publisher announced the deal today,… ‘Wordle’ acquired by New York Times for over $1M, could pave the way for an iOS app

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Starting a new role means leaving the one I’m at…

I have been, first at TekLinks, and then C Spire, for nearly a decade so posting this is something I do not do lightly. But a great opportunity presented itself and I’ve decided to take a role at Kemper Insurance in their IT department. I’m really excited for this new challenge but I am absolutely crushed leaving everyone I’ve gotten to know over the years. I have had a chance to get to know so many folks through this role and I will cherish my time at this company. Many of you really had a massive impact on me and...

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