Passkeys in iCloud Keychain

No one likes passwords. And everyone is trying to replace them, even Apple! This year at #WWDC21 they announced they are working on a new private/public key authentication method designed to replace passwords entirely. If you have ever dug into using your terminal and SSH, then this should feel familiar. Simply create a private and public key on your computer and only share the public key with sites that you want to share your identity with. One of the challenges with SSH keys is managing them on multiple devices and with multiple sites. For Apple’s solution, they are using iCloud...

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WWDC 2021 Keynote

Today’s WWDC keynote included a slew of new features with a focus on iPhone, iPad, and Mac with a heavy focus on refining existing technologies further. There has been a lot of changes in each platform in recent years (most notably on macOS Big Sur last year), so to have Apple announce features that simply expand existing integrations between iPadOS and iOS is a nice change of pace. Possibly the biggest announcement to developers was that you can now create apps on the iPad using Swift Playgrounds and the Xcode Cloud features. For most users though, expanding FaceTime to work...

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