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Crawfish Boil Saturday

<div style="text-align:left;">After parking, the wife and I made our way to day two of the festival of boiled mudbugs.  We had missed the first act, but got a chance to listen to <a href="http://reevecarney.net/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Carney</a>.  They were some younger kids and they rocked out!  The crowd wasn't very large but there was a great response to their well sung lyrics and long guitar riffs.  They really set a great tempo for everything.<br />

Then Flo Rida came through and I was very disappointed. Every artist played for at least an hour and really made an effort to give us our money’s worth. But Flo Rida decided he was going to do maybe three songs and bounce. Guess he had more important places to be. Too bad.

We were pleasantly redeemed by the awesome Corey Smith, whom I had never heard of but is apparently very popular around here. Everyone was singing along with this alternative country artist. I loved his “Fuck the PoPo” song and all in all think I’ll be downloading his stuff very soon.

At this point Samantha and I were worn out. We spent both days standing around and our old selves couldn’t take it any more. We enjoyed Gavin Degraw from a nice grassy knoll. He had a great performance from behind the piano and guitar. It was the perfect to relax and enjoy the show.

Then the big name of the night, Fergie came out and gave a great show. Lots of energy, great hits (many of them classic rock songs like “Barracuda”), and Lady Lumps.

We had a blast and look forward to next years festival. Next time we are bringing chairs, though. I’ll spend today recovering…and on to another week of work.


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