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Crawfish Boil Friday

Without a doubt, last night was a blast at the <a href="http://www.schaeffercrawfishboil.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Crawfish Boil</a>!  The wife and I got there right as <a href="http://www.candleboxrocks.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Candlebox</a> (who are northwesterners like myself it turns out, hailing from Seattle!) finished there first songs!  We paid $12 for two beers (16oz) and I felt the pain of going to a concert during a recession.  But Candlebox put on an OK show.  The crowd's we not very packed and I don't think too many people knew who they were.  Needless to say the crowd wasn't very pumped.  They have an album which comes out shortly which I think I will pick it up after seeing them perform.  After they left the stage we decided to feel the burn of two $12 beers again for the last time.  We pushed closer to the center of the stage and waited, and waited, and waited.  The setup between the sets would come to be the worst part of this festival.  It was about a twenty minute wait between each set and I'm surprised people were that willing to be patient.<p />By the time they were set up, the sun had pretty much died down and the crowd had thickened up.  <a href="http://www.seether.com/dashboard/dashboard.asp" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Seether</a> then took the stage and rocked out!  The pumped out a great show, which had everyone pumped.  By far the best rock group that performed that night.  Some of the younger crowd started getting a little rowdy and started a mash pit just to the left of us.  Just as it started to get out of hand some lone ranger, Chuck Norris type, jumped in the middle of it all and broke it up.  It was amazing.  I don't have any pictures but the guy was defiantly the hero of the night.<p />Then <a href="http://www.t-pain.net/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">T-Pain</a> and his crew came out and showed everyone how it was done!  This was by far the highest energy performance of the night!  These guys absolutely were over the top and the wife and I loved it!  We were dancing (or more to the point Samantha was dancing and I was wiggling) and having a blast.  And so were T-Pain and company!  They looked like they were having more fun than anyone else to had performed so far.  They actually had to kick them off of the stage!  They were having crowd surfing races and just getting wild.  I think a lot of people (mostly guys) got a shock when they came out signing "Ecstasy" with their pants around there ankles.  I guess they don't take kindly to that here in Alabama.  Oh well.  One day this state will grow up.  After finally kicking T-Pain off the stage we enjoyed another wait.<p />Then came the big headliner of the night, <a href="http://www.3doorsdown.com/news/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Three Doors Down</a>.  They opened with Kryptonite and played some of there newer stuff as well.  I was actually a little disappointed though.  After the last two band who came out and absolutely blew away the night, Three Doors Down was a bit lackluster.  But that didn't stop the crowd surfing and a couple of fights/mosh pits from starting.  By this time we were both near the center of the crowd and Sam grabbed me and we got the hell out of the center of the riot.  We listened to a couple more songs from the outskirts of the crowd until we decided to beat some of the rush and head home.<p />It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for tonight!<p /><div style="text-align:center;">

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo’s but that is the best a Motorola Krazer can do!


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