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New Years

tl;dr Kennan is fine after a trip to the ER, he did have a concussion. It was New Years Eve and after having a few with the folks from work, I came home to celebrate the New Years with Sam and Kase. We also had my nephews over. Kennan escaped from view and had climbed on my recliner and proceeded to fall off. He hit his head on the way down on the dresser (we think, this is all assumed and related to me by Sam). We rushed to the hospital (after a visit by the Hoover Fire Department!) where we found out he had a concussion. He is fine today and we are planning on a follow up visit to his regular doctor this week. Just a crazy time. But we made it through. Didn’t see the ball drop but we saw some fireworks. This has to be the strangest New Years for myself. 

For all that, today was a great day! Did almost nothing productive. We had done most of the cleaning around house over the weekend so there was not much to do other than watch movies and play video games. After the crazy night we had, it was nice.