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Trends in Posterous

I've been playing with Posterous for the last month or so on again and off again.  So far I really love the service. It is quick, easy and makes cross posting to the majority of the sites I post to and does it quickly through email, something I do a lot of.  If you want they even have a bookmarklet that allows you to post website content quickly while you surf the web.  As this is mostly what I post, it makes it quick and easy for me.  What I've noticed, however is how quickly I get page views using Posterous.  Because I've set up several services when I post to my blog a notice goes out to Twitter which seem's to be driving traffic up.  I just installed Google Analytics as well and am going to start tracking my user data a little closer but if this trend holds up I can see a lot of value in getting my word out quickly and also get a lot of views.  Anyone else notice this?