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Even more Twitter Gadget fun in the Firefox sidebar

I really loved Steve's <a href="http://www.micropersuasion.com/2009/04/bring-twitter-right-into-gmail-with-the-amazing-twittergadget.html">article</a> about some of the features of Twitter Gadget.  There were several features I was aware of and a few that were new!  Something I did not see that I love to do with my work flow is create a Twitter Gadget sidebar so I have quick access to it as well as several sights for quick access.<p /><br /><div class='p_embed p_image_embed'>


The setup is easy, simply create a bookmark in Firefox of Twitter Gadget by using this link: http://twittergadget.com/gadget.asp. For quick access, place this bookmark in your Bookmark Toolbar. Then right click on your new bookmark and choose Properties. In the Properties windows there is an option to “Load this bookmark in the sidebar.” Check it and hit OK and you are done! Each time you want to open Twitter Gadget click this bookmark and it will pop up in the sidebar.


I find this is better that most of the desktop clients. Twitter is only there when I want it to be and I don’t get all kinds of pop up alerts that annoy me and are a little awkward to explain to a curious boss! I also find this useful for several other uses such as Remember the Milk in the sidebar, Friendfeed and Friendfeed Live, Facebook and FB IM, Google Talk, and even Gmail! The set up is similar for each of these, all you have to do is search out the iPhone or mobile URL and the rest is the same. A quick Google search is usually enough to track down the right link. Happy Tweeting!

Bring Twitter Right Into Gmail with the Amazing TwitterGadget

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