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All is well again

So far my computer is up and running again. Most likely culprit was  <br />Zone Alarm. I think I will still use it, just not on my main desktop.  <br />Also I learned how truly valuable my iPhone has already become. In  <br />fact it may become my main blogging tool as I can email in a post  <br />anywhere and on my own time.In current events the iPhone 2.2 update has been released on the world  <br />and I must say it is fantastic!  The improvements to Safari, Maps,  <br />over the air podcasts, and overall speed and reliability are wonderful.

Safari includes a search box at the top next to the address bar,
making searches quicker and easier to access. Maps now includes
Googles Street View which put me in front of my old apartment in San
Diego in seconds. Podcasts can now be grabbed over both 3G and wi-fi
making the iPhone the ultimate multi media device on the market.
Everything seems snappier after the update as well. Flipping through
the home screens felt faster and more responsive.

All in all an improvement in the OS. We are still holding our
collective breath for copy and paste as well as a couple other
features added. All in due time it would seem.

Brian M. Bufalo