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Free Streaming Music Online From Jango

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I know that I have a new internet addiction every day but I have to rave about this one. Since I’ve had to wait till I came home to check it out and have only played with it for about an hour there is not much to review but I am already loving Jango. The first “Wow” moment came while I was editing the usual social profile information prevalent in every Web 2.0 application out there. As I updated my profile, chose different options, and basically clicked through the site the music never stopped. I know that’s nothing jaw dropping but it was so slick I just relized it. In fact I don’t think I would have taken the time to write this up had I not figured it out.


Jango offers your ususal profile options and the ability to network with your fellow online socialites. But what I love is the music is front and center with this site. I built a playlist of my favorite artists and started playing tracks right away. I really liked this over Last.fm where it seemed like I had to play music offline before it figured out what I like. Also, since this computer is the house hub for music, a lot of the music is not mine. So now Last.fm thinks I love hard core gansta rap and every girly country song out there. Trust me when I say Gretchen Wilson is not my favorite performer. But you wouldn’t know it from Last.fm. With Jango I build the playlist’s I want and the artists they recommended pretty much were the mainstream bands I love. I’m not much of an indie listener (that is slowly changing, however) so I don’t know if your tastes are outside of the norm, but modern rock was well represented.

I think Jango needs to maybe offer an offline player and continue to expand the music selection. Even lacking these features this might just be my favorite online music player. Just added there cool jukebox to my Blogger blog!

UPDATE: Further research has shown that this has been out since late last year so I may be late to the party but I found Jango through this TechCrunch article and the unlimited beta updates are available there: