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New Layout

I hope everyone likes the new layout.  I go tired of the old one.  There was way too much going on and I thought a more simple approach would make for a much more enjoyable experience.  I also removed a lot of the widgets on the page to improve the load time and consolidated most of my stuff into a FriendFeed widget.  I think it brings a nice feng shui to the whole place.  I also am integrating the Hoover Movie Crew into this site.  you can check back here for updates on what movies we will be seeing for the movie nights.  Updating two places was redundant and really I don't think anyone was checking it for updates.  The HMC site will stay up for a while but will mostly just point you back here.  Maybe I'll open it back up for updates if people start coming to the shows.  Until then your stuck with visiting here.  Post what you think in the comments.<br />  <div class="flockcredit" style="text-align:right;color:rgb(204,204,204);font-size:x-small;">Blogged with the <a href="http://www.flock.com/blogged-with-flock" title="Flock Browser" target="_new" style="color:rgb(153,153,153);font-weight:bold;" rel="noopener">Flock Browser</a>