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Trick Out Google Apps for Your Domain – Gmail – Lifehacker

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Create a Catch-all Email Address


One of the advantages of having your own domain name is that you have control and access to every single word combination @ yourdomain.com email address that you want. If you create a “catch-all address,” you can forward any email that comes to your domain and doesn’t match a user to a specific address. This means that if you wanted to use custom email addresses on the fly—like amazon@yourdomain.com when you register for an account at Amazon, or lifehacker@yourdomain.com when you register for an account at Lifehacker, you can do so without having to create custom addresses. Instead, set up your domain’s catch-all address to forward to your user account. To set up a catch-all address, in your Google Apps Dashboard, from the Service Settings drop-down choose Email. There you can either reject mail that comes to addresses that don’t match a user, or set up a catch-all forwarding address as shown above.

I never realized you could do this! Perfect way to set up email's for business users and have all kinds of email address' without adding users (which cost money in Premier). Going to remember this one.  Check out Gina's excellent article for more great tips for Google Apps.