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AT&T Better Fix This!

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Over the last few weeks I have endured some pretty harsh challenges. With the help of my wife and some very great friends we are now successfully moved into our new apartment. When we stepped into it everything was ready. I had scheduled the internet, power, and the mail to be forwarded weeks in advance. And no matter what I do I can not get any access to the internet. I have fought a four day battle with AT&T that looks like it might be dragging into tomorrow. What astounds me is I am trying to pay them more a month and they can still not get me set up. This is negatively affecting my work, my school, and my personal life. I use the internet as a primary means to connect to the world for all types of things: online classes through the local community college, VPN access to where I work as a system administrator, and to communicate with friends in family through Skype and social networking sites. My wife pays the bills and also goes to class using our internet access. It is our central hub to access the world.

I have contacted AT&T (formally Bellsouth) each day I have not had access except the Sunday they are closed. I understand this began over a weekend, however I have contacted them during regular business hours listed on their website. On Friday after having several conversations with the AT&T telephone service gentalman who ensured the phone line was connected and active asured me there was a dial tone on the line when he left, I hooked up my router and tried out the WiFi. Nothing. I tried several trouble shooting techniques to verify the problem including trying a different modem, cables, etc. None of the steps worked. I called AT&T to see what the problem was. The representative explained there was a mix up in the address and that service was still on at my old address and to expect the internet access to be turned on tomorrow. I figured this was acceptable as I had another day of moving ahead and wouldn’t need my internet service much that evening. So we finish up the move and I call back in later on after I notice I still have a red flashing light on my modem labeled DSL. So now I’ve had two days without internet and I’m in the middle of a busy day. I call the support line again and recieve a customer support rep who informs me the problem is with my actual phone line and promptly transfers me into another queue which I mistakenly manage to go into a loop that is DSL support. Now this is frustrating to me as I have already literally waited about 45 minutes on hold the past two days and I did not have time to endure that one more time. I figured I would call tomorow. This I found is not possible as the tech support division is closed on Sundays! My fault so I would have to wait another day. Monday wasy much better. The rep I spoke with, Margarite (I’m not sure on that spelling!) and she was helpful. She checked into what was going on, told me to wait as my service would be on no later than midnight Monday night! I was stoked and she even credited my account for a months service! Great I thought until I watched the hand of the clock pass 12 am with a blinking ligh mocking me as I fell asleep. Today (Tuesday, March 17th), I have a conversation with Jamie who informed me that there was some kind of problem (she was unable to tell me what) and that the service would be on today no later than 6 pm. As you can see by the timestamp we have passed that deadline today. The modem light is still blinking red. I am NOT happy. This is outrageous! I have been passed along with assurances this would be fixed! I have done my part and even offered to pay more a month for faster service! Why am I still without internet service! AT&T, tomorrows conversation will go a lot different. I have been more than patient. I am hoping for a resolution to this as soon as possible.

My dollar goes a long way to your bottom line. Not only am I a paying customer, but I am free advertising for your brand and your company. I am a computer technician and have my own business repairing small business and residential computers. I also work as a system administrator for a large health care company in the state of Alabama. I am the first person people ask for advice with technology and I often recommend your service. If we can not get this issue resolved in a timely manner I am going to have to shop around for a company who can provide the level of service I expect and pay for.

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