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Flickchart makes me angry…at myself

My begging worked!<p /><p />My beta invite was quickly accepted after some (slightly) subtle pleading on FriendFeed.  After that <a href="http://www.flickchart.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Flickchart </a>effectively took over my day after I set up my account!  I went about pouring through the site and found one thing was the common denominator.  This site made me angry.  I was angry that I had to choose if Return of the Jedi was better than The Green Mile.  How could you ask me such a thing (Return of the Jedi won)?  Plus the taunting above each movie poster?  Too much to bear.  I must love the punishment, though, as I couldn't stop rating films.<p /><p />Flickchart displays two films for you to choose between.  You can click on either movie poster to choose one or select "Haven't seen it" to be presented another film from their large database of flicks.  If you don't quite remember the film you can click "Watch Trailer" and see a clip if there is a trailer available.  Each time you rate something the chosen flick shows up on the right hand side with a link to buy it on Amazon (just in case you don't already have the Indian Jones trilogy) and the left hand side shows your current Top Twenty All Time Films.  Any films you select "Haven't seen it" also shows up on the right hand side, again with a link to Amazon for your capitalistic pleasure.  If you need to take a break from rating movies, you can start discussing some of the mash-ups in the 'Discuss' section.  There is where you can debate out once and for all who would kicks more ass: Captain Kirk or Luke Skywalker (Luke...duh, he has the Force!).<p /><p /><p /><div class='p_embed p_image_embed'>

There is the customary basic profile editing features and tucked away in the settings section is the ability for you to have “Seen a movie” or basically put it back into the queue for it to be rated by you.

I did have a couple times when I rated a movie and I would get a…Fail Whale but a much better one about a 1908 Russian Space Impact and I only got it twice. The only other basic surfing complaint is it can be slow sometimes. I was on a T3 and the load times between movie selections was taking an above average amount of time. May have been a momentary problem as at home on DSL it was much snappier. It could have been the ad-blocker as well…not sure. Feature additions that might be nice (I’ve already asked for some of these and will get around to asking for the rest latter) is a “Neither” button that would allow you to not like either movie displayed. This is just a convenience thing, but I can dream. The ability to post a HTML snippet on my MySpace page (in the films section) or on my blog would be great to let my friends know what I like and I could check out what they are into as well. This could help out the “viralness” the the site as well; see also Facebook app and FriendFeed integration.

I don’t know what these guys have planned to make money off of this project but my guess (or recommendation) might be that they talk to MovieTickets.com or Fandango and let you but upcoming movie tickets for the new releases. I could also see them doing merchandise and other things to promote films or even tie in with Hulu or Joost to actually watch full length films or clips of your favorites. Netflix integration is on the way according to ReadWriteWeb. I think this site has a whole lot of potential and am excited to see what the future brings for them.

Oh…and if I don’t post back here for a while you know I’m over there rating movies!



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